Saturday, 10 November 2007

British English, Irish English, American English and more!

I have a dictionary, yes a whole dictionary full of the differences between certain words and phrases used in British English and American English!

Some of the more amusing ones for me are:

UK English Tap = where the water comes from
US English Tap = where the beer comes from

UK Trunk = what you put your clothes in before we had suitcases
US Trunk = the space at the back of the car for shopping

Of course as well as differences between standard British English and standard American English there are differences between the English spoken in different parts of the UK!

I had a friend of mine come up to me the other day here in London and asked me to buy something from him for a “score”
I looked at him and said “what’s a score?” he said “a score is £20”

In future I will do some small posts showing the differences between the various different forms of English!

By the way, I would not recommend using the word “score” when your in England and want to talk about “£20” just say “£20”, but if someone offers to sell you something for a “score” well now you know!

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