Friday, 23 November 2007

Using future will

In English we have five different future tenses;
Future will,
Future going to,
Present continuous used as future,
Future prefect simple and
Future perfect continuous
However the subject of today’s post is future will. Click here to see my mini lesson on Youtube about the subject.

First lets consider the construction of future will.

When we construct will in the future tense we use will + the infinitive, without “to”.

For example:
I think the team will win the game.

In this example you can see will + the infinitive of win, used without “to”

It is wrong to say:
I think the team will to win

There are three possible ways of expressing will in the future tense.

1) When we want to express a prediction

I think the team will win the game.

This means I am not 100% sure the team will win, but I am confident that they can win the game.

2) When we make a decision at the moment of speaking

I ask you, “Would you like to come to the cinema with me tonight?”

This is the first time you have heard me ask you this question and you decide your answer as I finish my question, so you answer

“Yes I will” or “No I won’t”

3) When we make a promise

“I promise when I am elected I will lower the taxes”

As you can see will is used to express three different situations in English.

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